About Us

Founded seventy years ago in Richmond as a locally owned jewelry store by Max Woulf, the business grew into the partnership of Woulf & Ury Jewelers when Walter Ury joined in 1941.  During Richmond’s boom years of World War II, the partners opened a second store in Pittsburg, California and together served a discerning clientele fine quality diamond and gem set jewelry, fashion and costume jewelry, silver, watches, service and repairs.  Eventually, the partnership was amicably dissolved, and in 1966 the Richmond store was moved to San Pablo, and then in 1978 to the El Cerrito location. In 2011, Maury closed the El Cerrito retail location, and opened an office in Walnut Creek.

A Lifetime Commitment to Quality and Beauty

Maury Woulf literally grew up behind the counter of his father’s Richmond jewelry store — working in the shop on weekends and during summer vacations. There, he inherited his dad’s love for their customers and for each opportunity to give them personal service.He gift wrapped packages and wryly offered their own store brand matches to customers purchasing a cigarette lighter, “in case the lighter doesn’t work”.

Recognizing the importance of being able to identify diamonds and gemstones, determine their qualities and value, and separate them from synthetic and imitation counterparts, Maury enrolled in gemological studies thru the Gemological Institute of America and began studies in personal property appraisal with The International Society of Appraisers.

Maury stays current in his gemological knowledge by membership in the Alumni Association of the Gemological Institute of America, attending the Tucson Gem Show, and continuing appraisal studies through both the International Society of Appraisers and the American Society of Appraisers.

Personal Service

Maury is adept at helping customers pick out items that will be complimentary to them based on a number of considerations, including proportionality and cosmetic contrasts.

He assists customers in redesigning and restyling their jewelry and places an emphasis on achieving functionality and durability of purpose, while incorporating beauty and styling into the design.

An Expert Advisor for his Customers

From selecting or matching diamonds or gemstones and choosing the right precious metals, to methods of making a piece of jewelry and types of gem settings, to finding the best designer or manufacturer for the assignment, Maury has the knowledge, understanding and experience to ensure that work is complete customer satisfaction.

By working closely with trades specialists who perform jewelry and watch repairs for the business, Maury ensures that all work is done in a professional and competent manner, and he uses his gemological training to show customers what they need to know to recognize their own jewelry.

No job is too big or too small. All repair requests are considered important to us and our customer’s request will receive the utmost in care and attention.

Into The Future

Currently Woulf & Ury Jewelers is undergoing transition with the opening of the Walnut Creek office and the creation of an on-line store. 

If you’re new to Woulf & Ury or a long-time customer, make an appointment to meet with Maury Woulf, one of the Bay Area’s truly outstanding appraiser,  graduate gemologist, and  jeweler.